Learn about our strengths and choose PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS as your contractor of the comprehensive implementation of Time and Attendance (T&A) or Access Control System (ACS) using fingerprint, facial recognition or RFID proximity cards.

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    We are ready to install our BIOFINGER-AC/T&A and RFID-AC/T&A solutions in your company

    We can carry out comprehensive installation of extensive Access Control systems (BIOFINGER-AC) and Time and Attendance solutions (BIOFINGER-T&A) in all of the European, Middle-East and African countries.

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    15 years on the Polish market and launching the business in other EU countries

    We have been installing comprehensively innovative biometric technologies BIOFINGER-AC/T&A, BIOFACE-AC/T&A as well as traditional RFID-AC/T&A proximity card systems on the entire territory of Poland since 2003.

    We have also implemented several Time and Attendance systems in Lithuania on our own.
    Recently we are also exporting our access control devices and solutions to Greece.

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    A great number of various customers all over Poland/EU

    Since 2003 we have offered comprehensive services and solutions adapted for small, medium and big enterprises as well as various institutions of state administration.

    We have implemented more than 450 various biometric (mainly fingerprint systems) and RFID proximity card systems and several extensive security systems installations (CCTV, fire alarm, burglar alarm, LAN, etc).

    We have also delivered numerous equipment for self-installation.

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    We promote Research and Development of T&A/AC software

    We monitor and analyze on an on-going basis new expectations created by our customers with respect to Time and Attendance solutions and Access Control systems. We continuously develop and improve our BIOFINGER/SW and BIOFINGER/SVR software.

    This is reflected by extensive history of software updates.

    We also offer customized software development services to customers who need other IT solutions.

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    Professional warranty and post-warranty service

    We ensure professional technical support together with the best possible warranty and post-warranty service.

    In case of comprehensive implementations carried out by PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS the warranty period lasts 24 months.

  6. 6
    Extensive technical know-how and specific industry experience

    We can solve technical problems related to our expertise, our products, BIOFINGER-AC, BIOFINGER-T&A solutions and our BIOFINGER/SW, BIOFINGER/SVR software professionally and effectively.

    We always offer good advice and strive to achieve full customer satisfaction.
    Our overall aim is to be perceived as a professional manufacturer, contractor and supplier, and, above all, a reliable and trustworthy business partner.

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    The best team of people

    We are a small and harmonious team of experienced and engineers for whom work and the development of company is their passion.

    We always take care of safety and OHS standards in the course of implementation of all projects.

    Experience and professionalism of our management staff facilitates dynamic development of PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS, enables to constantly increase the range of products and wide the scope and area of the company’s operations.

    We ensure our customers with full stability and safety in business by building a strong and recognizable brand and securing the leading position of the company on the Polish and European market.

  8. 8
    Necessary concessions, licenses, certificates etc.

    We have all concessions and licenses necessary to operate in our line of business:

    • Concession to conduct business activity with respect to persons and property protection in the form of technical support, issued by the Minister of Interior Affairs and Administration.

    • Technical security license for surveillance worker (the 2nd degree), issued by Police Department.

    • Security clearance enabling access to CONFIDENTIAL information related to professional secrets.

    We are creative, win awards and certificates for implementation of innovative solutions (products and services):

    • Regional Leader of Innovation and Development 2010 PTC SECURITY SYSTEM won ‘National Leaders of Innovation and Development’ competition organized by the Innovation and Development Foundation in Warsaw in the category of innovative product: BIOMETRIC FINGER ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM – BIOFINGER-AC and obtained the title of Regional Leader of Innovation and Development 2010.

    • Pomeranian Innovation Leader 2006 PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS was awarded the title of Pomeranian Innovation Leader 2006 in the category of Innovative Service.

    As far as possible we participate in various training courses organized by other manufacturers. We have been awarded various certificates, e.g. by Siemens, GE Security Poland, Molex Premise Networks, Satel.

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    Affordable prices

    We offer comprehensive installation and implementation, software and training services as well as deliveries of equipment for self-installation at affordable prices.

  10. 10
    Additional discounts

    If you decide to choose our company as a contractor of comprehensive implementation of biometric or proximity Time and Attendance solutions [BIOFINGER-T&A, BIOFACE-T&A, RFID-T&A] or Access Control systems [BIOFINGER-AC, BIOFACE-AC, RFID-AC], you can get additional discount:

    • a 5% discount on the whole amount of the invoice for making a 100% advance payment.

    • a 15% discount on installation service for recommending us to a new customer who places an order for comprehensive implementation of biometric or proximity AC/T&A system.

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    …not enough arguments?

    If you need to be convinced to commission installation of biometric or proximity T&A or AC solution to us, please contact our team directly.