Biometric and proximity cards time clock readers US10C series

Biometric fingerprint attendance system

Biometric Time and Attendance systems have become the most convenient security systems among companies of all sizes because of the simplified, yet highly secure and efficient operation. Time and Attendance systems, specifically biometric fingerprint attendance system, has numerous benefits. Apart from preventing complications by excluding the need of special ID, badges and other methods that employees can lose, biometric fingerprint reader ensures all the employees check in and out of the workplace, without any chance of someone else verifying their identity.

Biometric fingerprint attendance system Biometric fingerprint attendance system

The efficiency of your biometric fingerprint attendance system, of course, also depends on the biometric fingerprint time attendance machine you choose. There are multiple factors that help you with the final decision: biometric machine price, the custom features you are seeking, the size of your business, the number of fingerprint time attendance machines your company requires (number of locations, entrances, offices), etc.
Our Novo Capital Investment Sp. z o.o. (previously PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS) selected the best provider of biometric fingerprint scanner software with an additional menu of multiple Time and Attendance systems that you can integrate to your business.
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Our recommended provider of the biometric fingerprint attendance system offers the top 5 biometric attendance systems that are currently securing a long list of large enterprises across the world. In case fingerprint reader is the most convenient for your company, you can choose from many different devices that suit your needs.
The fingerprint attendance system software is easy to use. The technical team will visit your company shortly after your request, install the biometric system, teach you how to use biometric fingerprint scanner and stay available for all your questions and inquiries.

Biometric fingerprint attendance system Biometric fingerprint attendance system

After implementing your business with a biometric Time and Attendance system, you will experience many benefits, including the prevention of time theft, quick clock in, accurate recording of the details, time saving, and also money saving!
Fingerprint scanner absolutely prevents the buddy punching, early or late punching. That way, you will know exactly who completed the work hours and who hasn’t.
The Time and Attendance system is user-friendly and you can integrate it into payroll easily, as well as all the billing and account systems.

Biometric fingerprint attendance system

All things considered, the benefits you gain by installing a fingerprint reader will save you much more money than you can give for a high-quality fingerprint attendance system software, its installation, and maintenance.
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Biometric fingerprint reader US10C Proximity cards reader RFID US10C-RF Biometric fingerprint reader with photo camera


Whereas traditional (proximity RFID cards) and biometric (fingerprints) Time&Attendance systems for office or industrial applications are described in detail at out website Time&Attendance systems.




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