Biometric and proximity cards time clock readers US10C series

Biometric time clocks for small business

Only a couple of decades ago, biometric time clock system used to be a privilege that only elite enterprises could afford. They spotted the benefits of the Time and Attendance system as soon as it was invented and most of them integrated it as their primary method to track the attendance of their employees.
Luckily, the times have changed so the price of the biometric system machines is now affordable even to and small businesses. Even if you have less than 10 employees, you can utilize the advantages of the Time and Attendance system. In fact, it’s even easier to monitor a reasonable number of employees.

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You will know when each employee clocks in and clocks out and that will automatically reflect on the payroll. With the Time and Attendance system, you won’t need to hire another person to monitor the attendance of your workers. That person would require an hourly payment whereas you pay for a biometric time clock only once. Businesses of any size, especially small, should not waste funds on unnecessary payments when they can invest them in smarter ideas, such as Time and Attendance system in this case.

Biometric time clocks for small business

Our company can supply you with the best biometric readers that will prevent your employees from checking in for one another and therefore, affecting negatively the quality of your organization’s work. Small businesses demand user-friendly devices and that is exactly what our Novo Capital Investment Sp. z o.o. (previously PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS) provides.

If you needed to visit your employees every day to make sure they are all present, the Time and Attendance system will make it extremely easy for you. After setting up the biometric system, you can connect to a biometric attendance app from the comfort of your home or vacation and still track the attendance of all the members of your team.
In fact, apart from checking in and out, you can export all the data to the payroll and calculate the exact amount of money every employee should receive for the completed working hours, including extra hours and/or hours of absence.

Biometric time clocks for small business Biometric time clocks for small business

If you are aiming to grow your small business to a large enterprise, you must think several steps ahead. Biometric readers will advance your management system and you will save a lot of money and time, gain more effective work and ensure every employee does the work they are paid for. In addition, no intruders will be allowed to access your office with a biometric attendance machine software. The safety level of your company will outstand all of your rivals and nobody will have an access to your documentation or be able to predict your next business steps.
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Biometric fingerprint reader US10C Proximity cards reader RFID US10C-RF Biometric fingerprint reader with photo camera


Whereas traditional (proximity RFID cards) and biometric (fingerprints) Time&Attendance systems for office or industrial applications are described in detail at out website Time&Attendance systems.




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