Google Ads Unfair competition and fraud clicks monitoring system

Did you know that you can block unfair competition that clicks your paid ads in Google Ads?

Finally, stop paying for fraudulent clicks that are largely generated by your unfair competition. Google Ads algorithm does not return money for correct but fraudulent clicks on your ads! Nobody in Google Ads cares about analyzing fraudulent clicks in detail.

Clicking Google Ads ads by competitors. How to quickly prevent it?

In the past, our company has also experienced multiple clicks generated by unfair competition in our paid Google Ads ads.
After a month of time of conducted analyzes and the exclusion of selected IP addresses, we ourselves recorded large savings from the fact that our competitors stopped seeing and clicking on our paid ads in Google AdWords.

Currently, every day we conduct a quick analysis of new data and exclude selected new IP addresses in the Google Ads Manager tool. As a result, our paid advertising campaign on Google lasts much longer and the advertising budget is not depleted so quickly.

In the case of paid Google Ads advertising campaigns run by our company, the cost of CPC (clicks on a given phrase) is on average from EUR 7 to EUR 12 per one click. It turned out that in the past we sometimes lost about 30-40% of our budget in Google Ads on unfair clicks per month! Therefore, you can imagine how big this loss can be for each entrepreneur.

As we are a team of experienced engineers and programmers in our company, then…

If you spend 5-10 minutes on the analysis every day, then on the basis of the data provided by the fraudulent click monitoring system, you will be able to choose the repeatedly repeated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and in the Google Ads settings add one address or a pool of IP addresses to the blocked ones, so that your Google Ads ads are no longer showing in the Google search results list for the owner of the blocked IP address.

How does the fraudulent click monitoring system work?

In the HTML code of your single website to which your ad in Google Ads leads, you add the short code provided by us to activate our Java script for traffic monitoring. The script calling code should be added in the body section of a single site or at the very top of the HTML code.
if you want to monitor the clicks of your other single site to which your other Google Ads advertisement leads, you will receive another code to activate the Java script from us.
The rule is simple: one Google Ads ad / one website = one dedicated Java script for monitoring IP addresses.

You will receive a dedicated link to our IT solution that you run in any browser.
Our IT system works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You will be able to analyze the following data:

  • Date, Time

  • Country, City

  • IP address, hostname

  • Source of visits: Google Ads or organic search results

  • Device: computer or mobile device [PC/Mobile]

  • Referrer: that is, from where or how the visitor came to your single site that you monitor

  • AdWords data: gclid = ***, i.e. session ID

Below we present an example of the view of the monitoring card of one paid ad in Google Ads.
Some of the presented data have been specially reduced and blurred.

Google Ads fraudulent clicks

What to do next with the selected and suspicious IP addresses?

If in the monitoring card view of your single site you find one or more IP addresses that ‘click’ on your paid Google Ads ad, e.g. 3-4 times, every 5-15 minutes, and you do not have any business benefits from this click, then you log in immediately to Google Ads Manager and at the advertising campaign level in [ Settings ], in the [ IP address exclusions ] section, you add the IP addresses of your choice.
To indicate an address set, replace the last three digits with an asterisk (*)
• 123.4.5.*
• 2620:0:1003:1011:fa1e:dfff:fee6:2711
• 2620:0:1003:1011:fa1e:dfff:0:0/96

The IP addresses selected and blocked by you, at the level of the selected advertising campaign in Google Ads Manager, will never again display your ad in Google search results.
Remember that the decision to block a suspicious IP address in Google Ads Manager is at your own risk.

Our company also runs advertising campaigns in Google Ads.
Our many years of experience show that we block potentially unwanted IP addresses if:

  • a few days ago, on one day, there were 2-3 clicks, repeating every 5-15 minutes

  • 2-3 days later, we see the same clicks repeated 3-4 times every 5-15 minutes

  • our company does not record any inquiry on a given day

How does the fraudulent click monitoring system cost?

We charge fees for access to the Google Ads click monitoring system in advance for each subsequent month.
We only accept PayPal payment gateway or traditional bank transfer.

  • One site monitoring: 10 USD / month

  • Two sites’ monitoring: 18 USD / month

  • Three sites’ monitoring: 26 USD / month

  • Monitoring of more sites: individual pricing

How to start cooperation with us?

The form of cooperation is very open and basically not subject to any time frame. We start cooperation with a new client at any time, after establishing access plans and receiving a monthly payment in advance. Our client may suspend or terminate the cooperation at any time. In the event of suspension or termination of the cooperation before the end of the billing period, the fee is not refundable.

All you need to do is write an email to us at or using the contact form and provide the number of paid Google Ads ads you have, links to your sites where paid ads lead, and the company’s Tax Identification Number.
If you pay for the first month and place the delivered Java script code on your single site, we are able to launch the click monitoring system for the indicated site and deliver it up to 2 business days.

We guarantee that a skillful analysis of the data provided by us and the exclusion of fraudulent IP addresses will quickly translate into the protection of your budget and a longer display of your paid advertising in Google Ads.

We cordially invite you to establish cooperation with our company!


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