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How to install biometric Time and Attendance system?

Setting up your Time and Attendance system starts with a consultation, where your supplier will identify your expectations and requirements of the biometric system. This initial conversation will help decide which biometric scanner is the best for your business. You can access an enriched catalogue of biometric readers and select the most convenient product for your business. Your supplier will direct you to some of the top 10 biometric devices and recommend the best one for you.

Biometric reader

Once you make a decision, you shall pass to the next step of installation.
It is important to note that different suppliers offer different types of services. Our Novo Capital Investment Sp. z o.o. (previously PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS) recommends ZKTeco due to high proficiency and best biometric readers in their menu. You will find the biometric readers produced by some of the most prestigious manufacturers, such as Suprema, IDTeck, ZKTeco and Anviz.
Learn more about them by clicking the link below:

The installation process usually remains the same, regardless of the brand.
Our company Novo Capital Investment Sp. z o.o. (previously PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS) will design the adequate Time and Attendance system for you and prepare some of the top 5 biometric attendance machines that will serve for the needs of your business.

Biometric reader Biometric reader

You can request a comprehensive installation from the company or only a delivery and remote support, in case you already have a technician that knows how to install biometric attendance system.
Accordingly, the installation of your Time and Attendance system will require a physical installation of the electrical equipment and wires (power and LAN wires). The electrical equipment of the Time and Attendance system includes biometric readers, and power buffer supply, among other tools.
Following the electrical installation, the technical team perform a software installation on your computer and server (BIOFINGER/SW and BIOFINGER/SVR). It will configure your biometric fingerprint scanner software and Time and Attendance system.
After the software installation, your biometric system will be ready to use!

However, you and your staff must learn how to use biometric attendance machine so our Novo Capital Investment Sp. z o.o. (previously PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS) will train all the members that will have an access to the installed biometric reader. We will learn how to login, use the biometric system for their hourly projects and extra working hours, as well as all the other features they may need.

Biometric scanner Biometric scanner

This process will also include the registration of fingerprints or RFID cards for your biometric system. All the members will need to complete the user registration process and the Time and Attendance system will store their data for future use of the biometric reader.
Depending on the number of facilities and biometric readers you want to install, the procedure can repeat for different groups of staff and/or locations where we install the Time and Attendance system.


Biometric fingerprint reader US10C Proximity cards reader RFID US10C-RF Biometric fingerprint reader with photo camera


Whereas traditional (proximity RFID cards) and biometric (fingerprints) Time&Attendance systems for office or industrial applications are described in detail at out website Time&Attendance systems.




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