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If you are a young engineer, you graduated from technical studies and you are thinking of setting up your own company and you want to earn lots of money in the future, let’s develop business together and let’s achieve success in our business.

Our company Novo Capital Investment Sp. z o.o. (former PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS) is looking for a business partner in your region.

We are a small company from Poland/Gdańsk, and we operate in the area of modern and innovative biometric technologies. We deal with biometric working Time and Attendance systems and fingerprint or proximity card access control systems.

We have operated in Poland since 2003 and we have conducted over 450 implementations of biometric or proximity working Time and Attendance systems or fingerprint or proximity card access control systems.

The most preferred business partner for us would be: a young person, preferably male, who graduated from technical studies, who wants to be bound only to our company and intends to build his business career in his region by his hard and fair work.

In case of the development of our BIOFINGER-AC/T&A business, you must have the following abilities: the ability to reach an adequate client (small, medium and big companies), ability to sell IT solutions and working Time and Attendance/access control systems, the ability to install devices and configure software as well as to train clients.

In case of prospective and fair cooperation, we offer full exclusivity in your region and a very high commission on sales and net profit.

You are kindly welcome to contact us via e-mail and establish business cooperation.

* Should you not be interested, please share or forward our message to a friend of yours or a person who might be interested in establishing their own company and cooperation with our company.


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