Mobile portable Time and Attendance system to CONTAINER for Construction, Engineering companies
    Our company Novo Capital Investment Sp. z o.o. (formerly PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS) specializes in dedicated mobile/portable, suitcase and stationary Time and Attendance systems, working time registration solutions and blue-collar employee presence records for proximity cards or biometric (fingerprint), which are tailor-made to meet our customers’ expectations.
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    Our long-term passion is electronic Time and Attendance systems, working time registration solutions, stationary T&A systems, mobile/portable T&A solutions and development of time management software!

    The basic functionality of T&A systems and BIOFINGER/SW software include:

  • Time and Attendance

  • Working time registration

  • Employee presence records

  • On-going monitoring of employees’ presence

    Mobile T&A systems are intended for electronic registration of full-time employees’ and contract employees’ presence as well as registration of working time of subcontractors and blue collar workers at construction sites. Portable T&A systems for working time registration are also applied everywhere companies (employers) render services for mass recipients (e.g. concerts, mass events, events etc.).
    We deliver mobile/portable and ergonomic Time and Attendance solutions for electronic registration of employees’ presence, which may be placed anywhere in a construction site container or outdoor T&A solutions which may be exposed to variable weather conditions. Outdoor T&A solutions solutions for electronic blue-collar employee presence records may permanently or temporarily installed outside a container at the construction site.
    Upon a completed construction/engineering project, each mobile T&A system may be transferred to any other location and the presence of new employees or subcontractors at another construction site may be recorded.
    The photos attached at the top present dedicated solutions of mobile Time&Attendance system for working time registration with the use of proximity RFID cards which have been tailor-made to meet out clients’ expectations.
    Our offer also includes a portable/mobile suitcase working time registration system to be used with a biometric (fingerprint) or a proximity card BIOFINGER-T&A/Mobile. The system catalogue card BIOFINGER-T&A/Mobile.
    The BIOFINGER-T&A/MOBILE system leaflet    
    Whereas traditional (proximity RFID cards) and biometric (fingerprints) Time&Attendance systems for office or industrial applications are described in detail at out website Time&Attendance systems.

Two kinds » mobile indoor or outdoor T&A system

    A standard mobile Time and Attendance system is installed in a little, standing, vertical shelving unit (the black shelving unit in the pictures). The indoor mobile T&A set comprises two proximity card readers from the series RFID.SCR100 and RFID.KR101, buffer power supply unit [12VDC, 1A] along with a battery 1.2Ah, a large greed LED lamp and installation accessories.
    In case of the power supply interruption at the construction site, the emergency power supply system will ensure uninterrupted functioning of time clock readers for a few hours.
    There is a possibility of equipping the mobile/portable working time registration set for proximity cards with any IP dome camera for CCTV on-line monitoring. In this case the monitoring camera operates automatically and it is not integrated with the Time&Attendance system by means of any equipment. The configuration of IP camera software and the monitoring server is on the side of the customer.
    A standard outdoor Time&Attendance system is installed in an outdoor casing (IP65). Two heaters are also installed in the casing.

The operation principle is very simple!

    One proximity time clock card reader records the start of working time [START], and the other proximity time clock card reader records the end of working time [END]. Proximity time clock card readers do not have a keyboard and a display, which is why they are easy to use.
    A mobile Time and Attendance system is programme secured against doubling of T&A registers (T&A logs) i.e. against multiple approaching of the proximity card to one time clock reader by one employee or approaching the proximity card to the wrong time clock reader.
    In the process of generating individual or collective reports in the BIOFINGER/SW programme, the BIOFINGER/SW programme operator does not have to lose time for correcting errors generated by employees in the T&A status authorization process.

Basic technical data of the mobile T&A system

    The Time&Attendance system for electronic recording of employee presence and working time registration has the capacity for serving 30,000 employees (30,000 proximity cards) and it buffers up to 50,000 events (T&A registers/logs) in the memory of the reader from series RFID.SCR100.
    Wireless and bilateral data transmission (users and T&A registers/logs) takes place with the use of a router with a SIM card modem. The purchase of a GSM/GPRS router, a SIM card as well as the configuration of wireless data transmission is on the side of the customer.
    If LAN computer network is provided in construction site containers, it is sufficient to connect the Time and Attendance system to the LAN network. It is also possible to download T&A registers manually from the reader RFID.SCR100 directly to the PenDrive memory.
    For a mobile/portable, stationary or suitcase Time&Attendance set, one static IP address must be ensured.
    The mobile/portable, stationary or suitcase T&A system operates based on Unique proximity cards or optionally Mifare proximity cards.

Price list

    Each mobile and portable, stationary or suitcase Time and Attendance system for working time registration and blue-collar worker presence records must be in line with our original software BIOFINGER/SW and optionally with BIOFINGER/SVR.
    A detailed description of the BIOFINGER/SW software for registration and time management, T&A records and settlement of working time can be found here.
    Price list of the BIOFINGER/SW and BIOFINGER/SVR software can be found here.
    The price of the BIOFINGER/SW software depends on the number of employees in the local database.
    The price of one Unique proximity card amounts to PLN 4 net.
    The price of a complete mobile Time&Attendance set (with proximity time clock readers) for indoor application (to be placed inside the construction site container) on average amounts to PLN 2290 net. The price is exclusive of the BIOFINGER/SW software and Unique proximity cards.
    We also render a service of remote installation and technical support of necessary installation environment, installation and configuration of the BIOFINGER/SW and BIOFINGER/SVR software.
    Detailed information on remote support can be found at the website Quick support.

    You are welcome to place an order!

    Time for completing all materials and performance of the mobile/portable indoor or outdoor Time&Attendance set on average amounts to 7 working days from the moment of booking the payment based on a proforma invoice.
    Please send any inquiries and orders directly to the e-mail address


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