Zasilacz USB 6V DC / 2A (2000mA) do elektronicznego zamka meblowego RFID z serii BIO-S

6V DC/2A (2000mA) USB power supply for BIO-S series RFID electronic furniture lock

Dedicated USB impulse power supply is designed for continuous power supply to:

  • invisible electronic RFID furniture locks,

  • furniture locks with an external panel,

  • other electronic devices powered by 6 V DC voltage.

Technical parameters of the power supply:

Input voltage: 100-240 VAC
Output voltage: 6 VDC
Output current (maximum): 2000 mA
Application: invisible furniture lock
furniture lock with an external panel
LED indicator: red
CE certificate: yes
Warranty: 24 months

The USB power cord with a length of 1 meter with a suitable plug is selected depending on the model of the electronic furniture lock:

  • Model BIO-S61A » micro USB

  • Model BIO-S80A, BIO-S90A, and BIO-S123A » USB type C

  • Model BIO-S8080A » DC 3.25/3.5mm or USB type C*

The offered 6 V DC power supply for electronic hidden furniture locks perfectly eliminates the need to purchase and periodically replace batteries with new ones.

Our 6 V DC USB impulse power supply is also an excellent solution for other electronic devices powered by 6 V DC voltage. It can be used to power various equipment such as security cameras, small audio devices, or LED lighting systems. The versatility and reliability of this power supply make it an ideal choice for many home and professional applications.

Can multiple electronic furniture locks be powered by a single power supply?

Yes, it can. We invite you to the FAQ section, where we have detailed how to connect one power supply to several RFID furniture locks.


If the power supply is intended for continuous operation (24/7), the rated current of the power supply should not exceed 80% of the maximum current.
Special attention should also be paid to proper cooling of the power supply during operation!


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