Niewidoczny zamek do szafki na Bluetooth oraz kartę zbliżeniową RFID BIO-S80A

Hidden furniture lock for cabinet for RFID proximity cards BIO-S80A


Hidden furniture lock for cabinet for RFID proximity cards BIO-S80A

We offer professional, proven and tested electronic RFID furniture locks for drawers, cabinets, showcases, and doors with rectangular shapes made of wood or plastic. We guarantee that the electronics, servo drives, and additional reinforcements in furniture locks (invisible or with an additional external panel) are of the highest quality, and all elements of the housing are aesthetically crafted. Our products are not 'NoName' type furniture locks with reduced quality servo drive and poor quality electronics, which are available for sale on Aliexpress with shipping from China. We are the only ones to offer 24 months warranty on all electronic furniture locks, except for the budget lock BIO-S8080A. It should also be noted that our drawer and cabinet electronic locks have all the necessary CE, FCC, RoHS, and IAF certifications.
  Detailed information on why it is worth choosing professional invisible furniture locks can be found here.

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TOP seller
BIO-S80A is the most frequently purchased electronic hidden cabinet lock.
The invisible cabinet lock BIO-S80A (80x80x27mm) is a larger model compared to the BIO-S61A (61x61x21mm) and is available in two colors – black or white. The RFID combination lock BIO-S80A can be optionally unlocked using a smartphone (if the user is within Bluetooth range) or traditionally by placing an RFID proximity card or an RFID fob/tag. An app for operating the invisible cabinet lock is available for Android and iPhones.

Hidden lock for cabinet with RFID proximity card

The electronic RFID card cabinet lock is powered by four AAA batteries, allowing it to last significantly longer than the small drawer lock BIO-S61A. If the voltage is low, a sound alarm will be triggered, and the lock will automatically release. Automatic lock release in the furniture lock is a programmable option.

The hidden cabinet lock from the BIO-S80A and BIO-S61A series has an additional functionality to inform the user about an open cabinet or drawer. 60 seconds after opening the cabinet, the lock will emit a continuous ‘di’ sound, and a red LED will light up for about 10 seconds.

All offered electronic furniture locks (invisible or with an additional external panel) can be:
additionally powered by an external DC power supply,
programmed to work in 3 different modes: public mode, restricted public mode, or private mode (description of the work modes under the table).

Each set includes:

  • Electronic RFID lock (body + bolt/latch)

  • Two proximity cards:

  •       1x Manager proximity card
          1x User proximity card
  • Set of screws

  • User manual

Batteries are not included in the set.

When purchasing a larger quantity of invisible electronic furniture locks, we suggest that, depending on your needs and technical conditions, just before installation:

  • register any card for Manager registration to each furniture lock

  • register all or selected User cards and key fobs to each furniture lock

What happens to the hidden furniture lock when the battery is discharged?

It applies to cabinet and drawer locks from the series: BIO-S61A, BIO-S80A, BIO-S8080A, BIO-S90A, and BIO-S123A.
When using/opening the furniture lock, if the voltage level drops below 4.5V (for BIO-S61A below 2.5V), the electronic furniture lock will emit a double 'di di' beep and the blue LED will light up. The furniture lock will still work, meaning the latch can still be closed.
When using/opening the furniture lock, if the voltage level drops below 4.0V (for BIO-S61A below 2.0V), the furniture lock will remain open (the latch cannot be closed).
In the case of complete battery discharge, the electronic furniture lock will remain closed. We invite you to the FAQ section on what to do in such a situation.
For each purchased electronic furniture lock, only new batteries from a reputable manufacturer, such as Industrial by Duracell, should be inserted. For safety purposes, it is recommended to periodically replace the batteries with new ones. This is a very individual matter, but depending on the frequency of use of the furniture lock, for example, once every 3 months. Alternatively, any RFID electronic furniture lock can be powered by an additional USB 6VDC/2A power supply (1m cable with micro USB, USB type C, or DC 3.25/3.5mm connector). On the FAQ page in the Power Supply of Invisible RFID Furniture Locks section, item 2.5 provides information on how to power multiple electronic furniture locks from a single power supply.

Electronic combination locks stand out for their easy installation  

Our company’s clients appreciate the BIO-S80A model, just like other electronic combination locks available in our offer, among other things because of its simple installation. It does not require milling or advanced technical knowledge. Using a small drill and screwdriver, the entire procedure takes only 30 minutes.

Electronic lock BIO-S80A with front panel  回  Additional authorization methods

The BIO-S80A digital cabinet lock features ergonomic operation. When using an RFID tag or card or the additional Bluetooth option via the mobile app, the device’s response time does not exceed 500 ms, while the reliable servomotor immediately releases the locking bolt. The device can also be equipped with an additional front-mounted panel, allowing for other authorization methods.

In our company, we also considered clients for whom the optimal solution is a furniture combination lock that can be opened and closed by entering a 4 to 8-digit PIN code. Additionally, the RFID cabinet lock can be operated using biometrics through the aforementioned external panel. In this variant, a registered fingerprint is enough to release or activate the lock. The additional authorization methods mean that the cabinet card lock can be opened without using a mobile app, tag, fob, or proximity card. Very high aesthetics of the front panels and the highest quality make them perfectly fit into contemporary interiors.


The electronic cabinet lock with card or RFID tag from the BIO-S80A series is an excellent choice for users who care about uncompromising protection and not necessarily about the device’s dimensions. This universal cabinet card lock has a lock in the form of a bolt with a strength of 150 kg, runs on batteries for up to 10 months, and can also be connected to an external power supply.

The 24-month warranty period best reflects its high quality, unlike cheap Chinese counterparts. The branded RFID cabinet lock has a hard, reinforced casing made of PC and zinc alloy and all the required certifications in the European Union. The technical details describing this reliable cabinet combination lock are presented in the table below.

Technical specifications of the electronic furniture lock with RFID card:

Model BIO-S80A
User manual PDF icon
Lock opening method RFID proximity card
RFID proximity fob
Bluetooth (optional)
Other opening methods using external panels Fingerprint
PIN code
RFID proximity card
RFID proximity fob
Memory 30 user cards User
10 registration cards Manager
Type of proximity card Mifare, 13.56 MHz
Programming RFID cards to manage the cabinet lock Registration card / Manager Card: registers user cards and can be used for emergency opening of the lock in public mode.
User card: used only to open the cabinet lock.
Application Drawers, cabinets, showcases, fronts made of wood, plastic, or glass.
Aluminum coatings cannot be used in furniture.
Work modes
(description of work modes under the table)
Public mode
Private mode (default programmed)
Restricted public mode
Color Black
Lock mechanism type Servomotor
Response time < 500ms
Lock type Bolt
Lock capacity 150kg
Lock installation method Vertical/horizontal, 90°/180°
‘Push to open’ drawer opening systems yes
Material ABS + PC + zinc alloy
Dimensions (width / height / depth)
Housing 80x80x27mm
Latch 22x80x27mm
Power supply 6 VDC, 4x 1.5V AAA
Battery life average about 8-10 months
Current consumption
In standby mode < 70 mA
In operating mode < 300 mA
Low voltage warning level 4.5 V
Critical low voltage opening the lock for the last time 4.1 V +/- 0.1 V
Emergency low voltage warning system Low voltage sound alarm, when voltage falls below 4.5V
Automatic unlocking at critical low voltage Yes
Programmable functionality
(automatic opening or no automatic opening)
Additional power connector for connecting power supply or rechargeable battery USB type C
Durability 500,000 cycles
Operating temperature -15°C – +65°C
Relative air humidity 10% – 90% RH
Certifications CE, ISO9001, RoHS
Warranty period 24 months
Additional accessories Power supply 6VDC/2A
(1m cable with micro USB, USB type C or DC 3.25/3.5mm plug)
RFID proximity cards or fobs
Emergency rechargeable battery (for external panels)

The electronic RFID card lock from the BIO-S80A series, like every electronic cabinet lock available in our offer, operates in 3 modes, increasing the number of possible applications for the device.

Private mode allows for the creation of a permanent locker for one or several users – for example, household members or office employees authorized for access. The electronic RFID fob cabinet lock in public mode allows the user to temporarily store selected items in the cabinet. Restricted public mode is an intermediate solution, as the locker can be used multiple times until it is assigned to another user.

Operation modes for electronic furniture & cabinets locks:


( 1 ) Open the cabinet and place your items inside.
( 2 ) Close the cabinet and register an RFID card/key fob or enter a PIN code (4-8 digits) to lock the cabinet.
( 3 ) Upon return, present the RFID card/key fob or enter the PIN code to unlock the cabinet, retrieve your items, and close the cabinet.
( 4 ) The cabinet is now open and available for the next user.

Operation mode of hidden furniture lock – public mode


( 1 ) Register an RFID card/key fob or enter a PIN code (4-8 digits) to lock the cabinet.
( 2 ) Upon return, present the RFID card/key fob or enter the PIN code to unlock the cabinet, retrieve your items, and close the cabinet.
( 3 ) The cabinet will remain unlocked until another user registers a new RFID card/key fob or PIN code (4-8 digits) to lock the cabinet. Any user can open the cabinet at any time without presenting an RFID card/key fob or entering a PIN code.

Operation mode of hidden furniture lock – restricted public mode


( 1 ) Register an RFID card/key fob or enter a PIN code (4-8 digits) to lock the cabinet.
( 2 ) Upon return, present the RFID card/key fob or enter the PIN code to unlock the cabinet, take out / insert your items, and close the cabinet.
( 3 ) You do not need to re-register the RFID card/key fob or enter the PIN code to lock the cabinet.

Operation mode of hidden furniture lock – private mode


Electronic RFID card lock, meaning many different applications…

The BIO-S80A series model is the most preferred electronic cabinet lock by individual and business customers. The device can effectively protect valuables and other household items, functioning as a safe. Entrepreneurs appreciate this furniture combination lock because it performs well in both sub-zero and high temperatures and in high humidity. Thus, it can secure employee cabinets, product displays, refrigerators, or furniture containing documents.

Cabinet Card Lock BIO-S80A  回  Key Advantages of the Device:

  • Up to 5 different authorization methods

  • Strength up to 150 kg

  • 2 color variants

  • 3 work modes

  • Supports up to 30 RFID cards

  • Easy installation without milling

  • Up to 500,000 cycles

  • Battery life up to 10 months

  • Option to connect an external power supply

  • Renowned manufacturer and 24 months warranty

The cabinet lock is a critical component ensuring security and privacy in places where personal or confidential items are stored. Modern versions of this mechanism, such as the electronic cabinet lock with RFID technology, enhance security levels through coded and selective access. A traditional cabinet lock can be not only practical but also a decorative furniture element, complementing the aesthetics of the furniture. Regardless of the type, a cabinet lock plays a key role in protecting privacy and securing against unauthorized access to the contents of the cabinet.

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