Time and Attendance


... almost every micro, small, medium and large entrepreneur knows that.
Every employer is obliged to keep working time records of his employees.

PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS has provided equipment and customised Time and Attendance software and comprehensively implemented small and extended Time and Attendance solutions since 2002.

We have implemented more than 450 various biometric and swipe T&A systems, mainly solutions using fingerprint or RFID proximity cards, as well as several extensive security systems installations (CCTV, fire alarm, burglar alarm, LAN, etc) on our own.

Our dedicated Access Control and Time and Attendance solutions are called BIOFINGER-AC/T&A, BIOFACE-AC/T&A and RFID-AC/T&A and our proprietary software is BIOFINGER/SW, BIOFINGER/SVR and BIOFINGER/Mobile.

We offer reliable Time and Attendance solutions based on biometric fingerprint readers, biometric facial geometry/facial recognition readers or traditional RFID card readers.

Each time clock reader can record from 2 to 6 T&A statuses:

  • starting work [START] / finishing work [END]

  • starting work [START] / finishing work [END] and indirect statuses: on-duty out/return and off-duty out/return

Biometric and proximity time clock readers store between 30.000 to 200.000 T&A statuses in the internal memory. After exceeding the limit value, old T&A statuses are overwritten above new ones. Downloading and deleting T&A statuses from time clock readers systematically by the operator of BIOFINGER/SW program prevents potential problems.

In the course of using the Time and Attendance system, a user has to press the proper function button (T&A status) and place the registered finger on the scanner or swipe the card.

Two time clock readers can be installed on a single base place. In this case users authorize starting work [START] by using the first reader and finishing work [END] on the second reader without pressing function buttons [START/END].

We also offer solutions increasing the safety of processing and storing employees’ biometrics data. In this case the user of Time and Attendance solution has his own biometric card, the so-called MIFARE card in the memory of which digital images of fingerprints are stored. The authorization process occurs when MIFARE biometric card is put close to biometric time clock reader and identity is confirmed by placing the registered finger on the scanner.

Another solution which may guarantee greater certainty about the identity of Time and Attendance user is biometric or proximity time clock reader with an inbuilt camera with real-time image registration function. At the time the correct authorization of an user is made, the time clock reader with image registration function takes a photo and saves it in the memory of the device.

Depending on the choice of time clock reader and authorization method, BIOFINGER-T&A, BIOFACE-T&A, RFID-T&A users can record their working time (T&A statuses) by means of:

  • fingerprint

  • facial geometry / facial recognition

  • biometric MIFARE card + fingerprint

  • traditional RFID proximity card (Unique or Mifare)

  • PIN code

The offered fingerprint, facial geometry / facial recognition or RFID proximity card Time and Attendance solutions include:

  • one or several biometric or proximity card time clock readers

  • MIFARE biometric cards or traditional RFID proximity cards (Unique)

  • emergency electrical supply: DC/DC converter, buffer power supply and rechargeable battery

  • dedicated small or large base place (optional)


The comprehensive service provided by our company includes as well:

  • installation and configuration of time clock readers, Time and Attendance system and emergency electrical supply

  • BIOFINGER-T&A, BIOFACE-T&A or RFID-T&A solution and BIOFINGER/SW software maintenance and management training for administrators

  • logistic costs

When you choose the comprehensive implementation of biometric (fingerprint) or proximity card Time and Attendance solution, you get a 24-month warranty period, professional warranty and post-warranty service as well as remote or local technical support on Time and Attendance system operation, correct configuration, functionality and use of BIOFINGER/SW, BIOFINGER/SVR and BIOFINGER/Mobile software.

Maintenance services and technical support offered by PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS are of the highest quality and are provided quicker than by external installers and distributors.
Comprehensive implementation is a little bit more expensive, but it guarantees reliability and stability of operation of BIOFINGER-T&A, BIOFACE-T&A or RFID-T&A solution implemented directly by our company.

Our proprietary and professional BIOFINGER/SW   and BIOFINGER/SVR   program is the key element in a small or developed Time and Attendance solution.
This software is used to comprehensively manage biometric and proximity card time clock readers, operating in small and extended Time and Attendance and/or Access Control systems.

PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS concentrates above all on research and development of offered IT solutions and our proprietary BIOFINGER/SW, BIOFINGER/SVR and BIOFINGER/Mobile software.
We monitor and analyze on an on-going basis new expectations created by our customers with respect to Time and Attendance solutions and Access Control systems.

In case of the delivery of equipment for self-installation, the warranty period is 12 months.

We encourage you to have a look at photos    taken in the course of implementation of biometric-proximity fingerprint or proximity card Time and Attendance (T&A) solutions and to learn about our offer of Access Control (AC) systems.


Biometric and proximity cards Time and Attendance system with photo-recording function
Photo-biometric time recorder with a built-in 1.3Mpix camera from the BIOFINGER.iClock680 series.


Biometryczny rejestrator czasu pracy US10C

Biometric fingerprint time clock reader from series BIOFINGER.US10C.


Rejestrator czasu pracy US10C-RF

Proximity cards time clock reader from series RFID.US10C-RF.