Why us?

    21 years in the Polish market in the field of time attendance and access control systems

Our company, Novo Capital Investment Sp. z o.o. (formerly PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS), has been offering and implementing proprietary, innovative biometric systems BIOFINGER-ACS/T&A based on fingerprint, as well as traditional solutions using RFID cards and proximity tags RFID-ACS/T&A throughout Poland since 2003.

We have also independently implemented several time attendance systems BIOFINGER-T&A in Lithuania.
We have also exported our innovative solutions BIOFINGER-ACS/T&A to Greece.

    Since 2022, production of electronic cabinet and drawer locks under our own BIO-S brand

In July 2022, we began the production of electronic:

  • Invisible/hidden furniture locks using RFID cards and proximity tags

  • Furniture locks with an external panel for RFID cards and proximity tags and a PIN code

We guarantee that the electronics used, the servo drive, and additional reinforcements in the furniture locks (hidden or with an additional external panel) are of the highest quality, and all housing elements are aesthetically made. Our products are not 'NoName' furniture locks with reduced quality of servo drives and electronics available on Aliexpress with shipping from China.

Our company's offering includes 5 professional electronic RFID furniture locks from the series: BIO-S61A, BIO-S80A, BIO-S8080A, BIO-S90A, and BIO-S123A.

At the turn of 2024/2025, we intend to expand the sale of our electronic RFID locks for drawers and cabinets in the European Union.
Our goal is to establish a distribution center located in Gdańsk, Poland, for electronic invisible/hidden RFID furniture locks for Central and Western Europe.

We deliver RFID furniture locks to companies and subcontractors as well as directly to private individuals.

    A large number of different Clients throughout Poland

Since 2003, we have been offering comprehensive services and solutions tailored for small, medium, and large companies as well as for various state administrations.

We have delivered and independently implemented over 500 different biometric systems (mainly fingerprint-based), RFID card and proximity tag systems, and have comprehensively carried out several extensive telecommunication installations (security systems), including:

  • Fire alarm system

  • CCTV system

  • Burglary and assault alarm system

  • Access control and time attendance system

  • Structured cabling networks | LAN

  • Other low-voltage installations

We have also completed a large number of deliveries of BIOFINGER-ACS/T&A systems for self-installation by our Clients, as well as a network of partners and installers.

    We focus on Research and Development (R&D) in our proprietary BIOFINGER-T&A system and software

We continuously monitor and analyze new expectations set by our Clients regarding the BIOFINGER/SW software for time attendance, recordkeeping, and access control.

We constantly develop and improve our proprietary programs BIOFINGER/SW, BIOFINGER/SVR-PRO, and the mobile portal BIOFINGER-T&A/Mobile.
This is evidenced by an extensive update history available on our website.

We also provide dedicated programming services for companies who require custom IT solutions.

    Professional warranty and post-warranty service

We ensure a professional approach to our Clients and technical support with the best possible warranty and post-warranty service.

In the case of deliveries of complete BIOFINGER-ACS/T&A systems for self-installation by the Client and comprehensive implementations carried out by our company, the warranty period for the offered services and products is 36 months.

    Extensive technical knowledge and long-term industry experience

We professionally, as quickly and effectively as possible, solve technical problems related to our industry, offered products, BIOFINGER-ACS/T&A systems, and our proprietary software BIOFINGER/SW, BIOFINGER/SVR-PRO, and the mobile portal BIOFINGER-T&A/Mobile.

We always provide professional advice and strive for complete customer satisfaction.

Our paramount goal is to gain the reputation of a professional manufacturer, system integrator, and supplier, as well as a reliable and stable business partner.

    A constant and cohesive team

We are a small team of experienced and cohesive employees, engineers for whom work and the development of our company are a passion.

In the process of carrying out all projects, we always take care of safety and comply with HSE regulations.

The experience and professionalism of the managerial staff allow for the dynamic development of Novo Capital Investment Sp. z o.o. (formerly PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS), constantly increasing the range of products and services as well as expanding the scope and area of the company's operations.

We ensure our Clients full stability and security in business, building a strong and recognizable BIOFINGER brand and leading position of the company in the Polish market.

    Necessary concessions, licenses, certificates, etc.

We have the necessary concessions and licenses to conduct business in our industry:

  • Concession for conducting business activities in the field of protection of persons and property carried out in the form of technical security, issued by the Minister of Interior and Administration.

  • Second-degree technical security personnel license, issued by the Provincial Police Headquarters in Gdańsk.

  • Security clearance granting access to classified information constituting a state secret with the CONFIDENTIAL clause.

We are also creative, receiving awards and diplomas for the implementation of innovative products and services:

  • Regional Leader of Innovation and Development 2010
    The company PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS won the 'National Leaders of Innovation and Development' competition organized by the Development Innovation Foundation in Warsaw in the category of Innovative Product: BIOMETRIC ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM BASED ON FINGERPRINT BIOFINGER-KD and received the title: Regional Leader of Innovation and Development 2010.

  • Pomeranian Leader of Innovation 2006
    The company PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS was a laureate of the Pomeranian Leader of Innovation 2006 competition in the category of Innovative Service.

Whenever possible, we also participate in various training organized by other manufacturers.
We have various certificates awarded by companies: Siemens, GE Security Poland, SATEL, Molex Premise Networks.