Google AdWords fraud clicks

Google AdWords Advertisement » Unfair clicks by competition » Great loss of your money! ☹

Stop paying for unfair clicks generated, among others, by your competition. The Google AdWords algorithm does not reimburse money for correct but unfair clicks in your adverts. Nobody in Google AdWords wants to analyse unfair clicks in detail.

We elaborated an innovative IT solution which analyses all clicks and IP addresses.

Based on gathered and delivered data you will be able to choose suspected IP addresses yourself and add them to the blocked ones in Google AdWords settings so that your Google AdWords adverts are not shown in you competition’s search results.

Our company Novo Capital Investment Sp. z o.o. (former PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS) is an IT and engineering company. We used to have a similar problem with unfair competition and charging of very high fees by Google AdWords for unfair clicks on our advert.

After a month, having performed the analyses and excluding selected IP addresses, we recorded much savings due to the fact that our competition could no longer see and click our paid adverts in Google AdWords.

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